What to do when you are injured on the Job

No matter what type of job you work in, you will always find that the risk for getting injured on the job exists. Many people get injured on the job each year with injuries ranging from minor to severe. It can be daunting when you are injured, and especially after the injury occurs when you may not know exactly what to do. There are certain procedures that are put into place to ensure that you not only receive the proper care, but also that your rights are protected.

Types of Injuries that Occur on the Job

There are several different types of injuries that can occur, and of course, each workplace is different meaning that not all types of injuries are possible on each site.

  • Slip and Fall – this is one of the most common workplace injuries. Perhaps there was a wet spot from a leaky roof that caused you to fall, or a carpet was placed down carelessly. Slip and falls can cause serious injuries depending on the circumstances and should be taken very seriously by yourself and your supervisor.
  • Faulty Equipment – on worksites where there is use of heavy machinery, faulty equipment can be the source of serious injury. All workplace environments that use heavy machinery are subject to inspecting the machinery to prevent serious injuries.
  • Carelessness of Employees or Supervisors – In a perfect world, everyone would put items in their proper place and leave behind a clean environment while considering everyone’s safety. However, oftentimes, injuries that occur in the workplace are due to the carelessness of others. These incidents should be noted in the accident report that you file with human resources to promote safety in the workplace training.

Seek Medical Treatment

The very first thing you need to do – no matter how minor you might think your injury is – is to seek medical treatment. Seeking medical treatment is a good way to ensure that any underlying symptoms do not go undetected. Sometimes, cases of internal bleeding – especially in the brain if you hit your head – can go undetected for several hours. This is why it is important to seek prompt medical treatment.

File Report with Human Resources

It is also necessary to file a report with the human resources department of your company to ensure that the incident is reported. You should be able to provide your detailed account of the injury. Anyone who was privy to the accident should also file a detailed account of their findings. This will be important if you have to remain out of work for several days or weeks and find it necessary to apply for workman’s compensation benefits.

Speak with a Personal Injury Attorney

In some cases you may be eligible for compensation, depending on the nature of your injuries. The only way to know if you can bring the case to court or try to negotiate a settlement is with the help of a qualified attorney.

If you need help and advice concerning any workplace injury you may have experienced, contact us now at San Diego personal injury attorneys: (619) 325-7555.

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