The Role of a Deportation Lawyer After an Auto Accident

Being involved in an auto accident is frightening enough as it is without having to be concerned about immigration services becoming involved. Regardless of where you are in your efforts to become a permanent resident or U.S. citizen, if you are involved in any form of criminal activity or activity that requires police involvement, the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also referred to as ICE, may also become involved. This department is focused on controlling immigration and ensuring that all people that are in this country are here legally, and that those that are seeking residency or citizenship remain compliant with U.S. laws. This means that you are likely to come into contact with these authorities many times while seeking your residency or citizenship. This is especially true if you encounter any legal complications.

An auto accident may not seem like a major issue related to your immigration at the time that it occurs, but it can quickly become extremely serious if you are arrested for any fault associated with the accident and are turned into immigration services.

The police may agree to release you on bond, but ICE may pick you up and hold you on their own bond. This means that you must resolve both of these in order to be released. An ICE bond can often be much more difficult to overcome than your original criminal bond, so having a deportation lawyer on your side is critical.

If it can be shown that you were at criminal fault in an auto accident or an investigation into your auto accident reveals that you were involved in some other form of criminal activity before or at the time of the accident, you could be facing deportation. This is truly a devastating situation that you do not want to face on your own. Your deportation attorney can help you to understand the criminal charges that are being held against you and defend you against deportation. There are many things that can be done to protect you from deportation, but in order to utilize these techniques you must have the assistance of a deportation and immigration lawyer.

After an auto accident you may find that your immigration or naturalization process is put in jeopardy due to any criminal charges that arise as a result of the accident. This could put the process on a serious delay or your case may even be rejected due to your legal complications. The role of your deportation lawyer during this time is to determine what impact this accident has made on your immigration or naturalization case and what steps can be taken to resolve these issues effectively. Because these issues usually have extremely strict deadlines it is critical that you seek the services of such an attorney as quickly after your auto accident as possible. Auto accidents happen to nearly everyone in their lives. This incident should not stand in the way of your hopes for permanent residency or citizenship. Your deportation attorney can help protect you and keep you securely in this country as you resolve the issues related to your criminal charges.

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