Five Vehicular Accident Scenarios That Require a Lawyer

In a highly industrialized country like the US, cars rule the road.  Almost every family owns a car and that is reflected at how busy American roads are. With this huge number of cars rolling down the roads, it is not surprising that accidents happen often.

Motor Vehicle Traffic Deaths Statistics

Just how common is motor vehicle traffic accidents? According to CDC’s 2013 report, 33,804 deaths resulted from motor vehicle traffic deaths. That’s approximately 10.7 deaths per 100,000 population. The Association for Safe International Road Travel reports that 2.35 million are injured or disabled due to vehicular accidents and that road crashes cost an average of $820 per person annually. With these reports, it is possible that at one point in life, a person might encounter accidents on the road. Here are situations where you will need help from accident lawyers:

  1. You were injured.

If you sustained an injury that is serious enough that you need to be confined to the hospital, which impairs your ability to work, then you need to hire an accident lawyer for compensation. Anywhere in the US you can be compensated for your suffering, the hospital bills, damages to your vehicle and the salary you lost because the injury keeps you from going to work.  An accident lawyer can help you get your compensation fast because they know your rights and how the legal procedures can help you get the compensation you deserve.

  1. You want to contest the police report.

If you think the police report does not accurately tell the events surrounding the accident and if in that police report you became the party at fault when you know you weren’t, then you should ask for an accident attorney for help. It is unfair to be blamed for the accident that you did not cause. Unfortunately it is already difficult to contest a police report . You need an accident lawyer with expertise to correct the record successfully.

  1. When the accident is your fault.

If the car accident is your fault and the other party has evidence to prove it, you need an accident lawyer to ensure that you don’t have to pay more than what is just and fair.  Sometimes, the victims and their lawyer will try to squeeze money from the accident as much as they can. Get help from an accident lawyer to avoid this scenario.

  1. When insurance won’t pay.

It is not surprising that insurance companies of the party responsible for the will try to contest the fault in order to escape their obligation. It’s part of business.  That is why if you are the victim, and the insurance company of the person who caused the accident is trying to pin the blame on you, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced accident lawyer to defend you.  As a victim, you need to be compensated and not blamed for the accident that injured you and damaged your property.

  1. The whole ordeal ends up as a court battle.

Naturally, if the accident ends up in the court, you will need the knowledge and expertise of accident attorneys to help you win. Don’t go into a court battle alone, you will surely lose.

Contact a Reliable Accident Attorney

Car accidents are common in the US, if you are involved in one, you may need to contact a reliable attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and to get compensation for injuries to your body and property.  There is no need to go through all these alone when there are lawyers ready to lend a helping hand.  If you are in San Diego, you may contact the experienced attorneys of San Diego Accident Law Center.