Liability for Injuries in Bicycle Accident Claims

Bicycles may be the safest modes of transportation on the planet, but they are not exempt from accidents.  Every year, hundreds of bike-related accidents happen in the US and it can be caused either by the driver of the other vehicle or the cyclist himself. If you love biking, you should have at least an idea when you are liable for an accident and when you are not so that you will know when you should call for an accident lawyer.

Cyclist Negligence

Even though the bicycle is not a very fast mode of transportation, bicycle drivers are still expected to follow the rules of the street. The failure of the cyclist to follow the rules on the street is considered negligence and could make or break the case for a cyclist if he sues a driver of another vehicle for his injuries after an accident with such vehicle. If a negligent cyclist gets injured because of the accident he caused, he may not be compensated for his medical bills or damage to his property.

A cyclist can also be held liable if his negligence caused another person to get injured. For example, if a cyclist beats the red light and causes an incoming car to swerve and hit a pedestrian, the bicycle driver has to pay for the injuries of the injured pedestrian because in this case, he is the negligent party.

Driver Recklessness or Negligence

Driver negligence refers to drivers of automobiles who do not follow the street laws and cause accidents to somebody else. In case of accidents that involve bicycles, the negligent driver who hits or was hit by a bicycle could be liable for the entire accident. If the driver has been cited a violation ticket that day prior to the accident, that ticket could be used as evidence against him.

Clear negligence of a driver comes in many forms, for example if they drive on designated bike lanes to avoid traffic, or run the red light.  These things could easily win the case for the bicycle rider especially if the bicycle driver has photographic or video proof of the aftermath.

The Importance of Having an Accident Lawyer

If a bicycle is suing a car owner or is being sued because of an accident it was involved in, it is important to have a reliable accident lawyer to help them win the case. The law of the land is not always straightforward. They sometimes meander around so that it’s difficult for regular citizens sometimes to get their heads on them. Accident lawyers can help you get compensated for your injuries caused by an accident. Conversely, they can also help you lessen the liability if you are the responsible party of an accident. Many lawyers provide free consultation services that are helpful when you don’t have lots of money.

Accidents happen, no matter how careful you are, even if you are riding a very safe mode of transportation like a bicycle. If you know whether you are liable or not for the accident, you will be helping your accident lawyer win your case.