Five Things Your Accident Lawyer Would Want to Know After a Car Accident

Accidents can happen to anyone. Sometimes you are the responsible party, sometimes you are the victim. Either way, you need a lawyer because if you were the victim, it would be your right to be compensated for any bodily injury you attain or the hassle you experienced.  On the other hand, if you are the person who caused the accident, then expect to be sued.  However, there are things your lawyer would want you to tell them in order fully help you.

The whole truth about the accident

Don’t lie to your lawyer! Sometimes clients will lie or exaggerate their injuries in order to make themselves look less guilty. Your accident lawyer will not appreciate being lied to, because they know it’s extremely difficult to defend a lie while the truth is easily verifiable.  Tell your lawyer everything—how the accident happened, when it happened, and why it happened.

That you called them right away

Many people who are involved in car accidents will put off calling their accident lawyer until they are sued or if they discovered later on they have sustained an injury and they didn’t notice it.  This is wrong.  If you are involved in an accident, you should call your lawyer right away. That way the lawyer can tell you what to do to keep you from doing things that will affect your case if you decide to sue or if you get sued.

That you have consulted a doctor after the accident

Sometimes when you get into a vehicular accident, you may not notice that you have been injured until a few days later when the symptoms start appearing. Once you notice the symptoms and decide to sue, it will be difficult to prove that your injury is caused by the accident because a lot could happen in a day and there may be other causes to your injury. If you go to the doctor immediately after the accident, the doctor will see if you are injured or not and there will be no doubts what caused the injury. This will make the case easier to win.

That you have taken videos or photos of the accident scene

Accident lawyers will be very happy if their clients have photographs of the accident site because it will make their job of winning your case much easier.  Taking pictures of the accident scene is very easy nowadays because most phones now have cameras. Courts will always consider video and photographic proofs as solid evidence, so if you are in an accident, try to take photographs or videos and send them to your lawyer. Installing a dashcam on your vehicle is also a good idea.

If a person is involved in a car accident he or she must not think twice about calling accident lawyers either to help them get compensated for injuries and damages or protect them from being penalized. However, lawyers need their client’s help, too.  Do your part and help your lawyers protect you by following the tips above.