Top Five Things Accident Lawyers Can Do For You

Getting involved in a car accident only means one thing—hassle!  Whether you are the victim or the culprit, a vehicular accident means a lot of legal work such as claiming injury compensation for victims and defending yourself if you are accused of being the party at fault.

Why Hire Accident Lawyers

You can hire lawyers specializing in accidents to help you.  What can an accident lawyer do for you? Here is a list:

  1. Give you counsel.

The first and most important task an accident lawyer will do for you is to give you advice about your accident claims if you are the victim and defense if you are the party at fault.  This is important so that you know the best course of action. Accident lawyers will also tell you the processes you will go through and how long it will take.  You should listen closely to your accident lawyer’s counsel because it is for your own good. Remember that accident lawyers are experts in legalities, so what they say about your case is more often than not, important and crucial to winning your case.

  1. Help you with compensation claim papers.

Processing your claim papers can be a daunting task if you are a newbie on legalities. Your accident lawyer will be a great help for you in this area.  They probably have processed accident claim papers in the past and their combined knowledge and experience will help you win your case. There are even times when all you have to do is sign the papers and your accident lawyer will do the rest.  Just make sure you read and understand what you are signing.

  1. Represent you in claim hearings.

If you are the party at fault, it would be foolish to try to face the court by yourself. Even lawyers would hire other lawyers to represent them.  You should hire a reliable lawyer to represent you so that you can defend your side the best way possible. If you are the victim claiming for compensation, let your lawyers do the explaining and talk only if he tells you to because he knows what to say. Also, do not try to do the claim process yourself because it can reduce your chance of succeeding, unless you are a lawyer yourself.

  1. Explain legal terms to you.

Sometimes, whether you are the defendant or the claimant, you would want to know what’s going on in the case. Lawyers can talk about legal terms, leaving you all confused. You have the right to understand how the case is going on, so your accident lawyer will be responsible to tell you all about it.

  1. Use their ability to make you win.

Accident lawyers, especially the competent ones, will not spare any expense to fight for your rights and help you win the case.  If you are claiming accident compensation, he will strive to win the case for you. If you are the party at fault, he will try to defend you as humanly possible.

Accident Lawyers are Your Friend

Accident lawyers are your greatest allies when you get involved in a car accident.  Whether you claim for compensation or you are the party at fault trying to get yourself off the hook, accident lawyers are the experts you should have on your side. If you are based in San Diego, you can trust the lawyers of San Diego Accident Law Center to help you succeed in your case.

Getting Compensation When Your Employers Go Bankrupt

Like accidents, the bankruptcy of a company can happen suddenly in the most unexpected times. While it may take a lot of bad luck to meet a workplace accident just a day before the company you are working for has tanked, it is possible and it can happen to you as well.  So what will you do?  Will you still be compensated for your injuries? To answer this question, we have to delve on several aspects of the compensation process.

Who pays the compensation?

If you get injured while doing your job for a company that suddenly went bankrupt, you can still get compensation. The reason for that is it’s not your employer per se who will pay for your accident compensation but the insurance company they pay every month.  So, if your company had religiously paid the premiums for the compensation insurance, you will have no problem. If the company you work for does not pay the insurance company regularly, you may have a problem getting compensation. It is important therefore to have an accident lawyer to protect your rights.

Don’t delay filing your claim

Time lost is chance wasted.  When it comes to any compensation claim, you should file as soon as you can, most especially if your company has already filed for bankruptcy.  Not filing for the claim immediately gives failure a chance to swoop in and hinder you from getting the money you deserve.

Always have a good accident lawyer

In special cases like filing for claim against a company that has gone down under, an accident lawyer is an indispensable person.  They know the ins and outs of the law and can protect you from being misled by insurance companies.  Accident lawyers also ensure that all the moves you make regarding your compensation claim is going to work towards winning.  Not having an accident lawyer for your compensation claim is like going to a war without a weapon.

Some drawbacks

There are some possible issues, however, if you are filing a workplace accident compensation against a company that’s already tanked. Your compensation may take longer to process than usual. That is because the insurance might find it difficult to get information from your former bosses.

Also, some of the benefits you get from workers’ compensation depend on whether you can go back to work or not or if the company you worked for is no longer around.  However, if you have a reliable accident lawyer on your back, you should be able to ride these issues and get the full benefit you deserve based on the law.

So, stop worrying whether you are going to be compensated for the injuries you receive from an accident that happened while you do your job, even if the company you worked for becomes bankrupt. Under such circumstances, you still get your compensation with the help of an accident lawyer.

Four Reasons Why Some People Fail Their Accident Claims

Accidents happen when you least expect it. No matter how careful you are when driving for example, you still have the chance of getting into an accident.  The fact is, being careful only reduces the chances, but does not eliminate the probability of meeting an accident.

Why Some Fail to Get Their Accident Compensation

If you met an accident that is not caused by your own negligence, you can be compensated for the injury you get and for the damage of your car.  For some people though, they were not compensated not because the accident is their fault, but because they did not know what to do.  This article will tell you how they failed and how to avoid losing your compensation claim.

  1. They did not hire an accident lawyer

When it comes to compensation claims, an accident lawyer is your best friend.  They know the ins and outs of the legal system better than anyone else. Some people think they can successfully claim compensation without the assistance of an accident lawyer, but without a lawyer by their side, they often fail.

  1. They did not gather proof of the accident

If you met an accident, use all the possible gadgets you have to take photos of the accident scene and the injury you incurred as well as the damage to your property. These are going to help your accident lawyer win your case.  As a claimant, it is your duty to provide proof that you are the victim and you need to be compensated. Use your mobile phone to take photos or videos of the accident scene right after it happens and provide your lawyer with a copy.

  1. They wasted time

If you meet an accident that is not your fault and you got injured, don’t wait for weeks or days to file for compensation. Time is of the essence because filing too late may mean failure. If you have an accident lawyer on call, contact them right away. If you do not have a lawyer yet, you can always find one through the internet.  Act as soon as you can. If you have been injured and have to stay in the hospital, contact an accident lawyer right away and let him handle the claim.

  1. They did not check the police report

The police report about the accident is a crucial evidence in your accident compensation claim.  Always ask the police in the accident scene about his report. If possible, read it and correct any error that you find. Also, make sure that you tell the police your side of the story so it gets included in the report. Remember this, the police report can make or break your accident compensation claim.

What to Do When an Accident Happens

When accidents happen, always make sure to stay calm and don’t panic.  Avoid the committing the mistakes mentioned above that would reduce your chances of getting your accident compensation claim. It is also important to hire a reliable accident lawyer to help you with your claim. It’s a big mistake to try to go through it alone. If you get involved in an accident in San Diego, you can call the accident lawyers of San Diego Accident Law Center.

Six Ways to Avoid Office Accidents

While it’s true that you can get compensation for injuries incurred at work, accidents should still be avoided. No amount of money can make up for the pain of an injury. Many people get involved in workplace accident every day and surely they would tell you they would rather work and get paid than being bed ridden because of an accident.

Office Accidents are Common

The numbers from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reflect just how common workplace accidents and injuries are. In 2013, as many as 3 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses and 4,405 fatal occupational injuries have been reported. You don’t have to add to these numbers as most work-related accidents are preventable by following several rules that many experts including accident attorneys believe would reduce any chance of getting involved in one.

Tips to Avoid Getting Involved in Workplace Accidents

  1. Stop, look and listen.

While in your workplace, always make sure that you are far from danger especially when you have to go to places like storage areas where boxes can fall on you, slippery places like the washroom, or when taking the stairs or an elevator. Always be alert for potential danger.  Always look where you are going and be attentive to your surroundings.

  1. Wear the prescribed protective wear.

When working in factories or in construction, always wear the safety gear the company provides you. These places are accident-prone and it would be difficult even for a seasoned accident lawyer to get your compensation when the injury you get could have been prevented by wearing safety clothing.

  1. Participate in emergency drills.

Emergency drills are not only for show. They actually save lives by preparing you and your workmates whenever an emergency like fire or an earthquake happens. Many people just ignore emergency drills just because they know there is no real emergency at that moment. However, they miss the opportunity to learn how to react when there is an actual emergency.

  1. Assess the risk of any new task you are asked to do.

There are times when your boss might send you out for a task that you have not done before. For example, if your job in a construction site is to drive a tractor and suddenly your boss asks you to operate the cement mixer, make sure you know all the risks involved with that unfamiliar job so you can avoid possible work-related accidents. Communicate with your superiors whenever you feel uncomfortable to operate a machinery or perform a high-risk job that you have not been trained for.

  1. Follow the safety protocol of your workplace.

Most workplace have set rules that aim to minimize work-related accidents. These are called safety protocols or safety programs.  Make sure you know these rules by heart and follow them strictly.  These rules were not made arbitrarily, the fact is most of these rules are the results of intense studies and office inspections by safety experts. Remember, it is difficult to get compensation if your accident was due to your negligence or lack of awareness. Even the smartest accident lawyers will have a hard time winning your compensation claims.

Speak Out to Help Keep Your Workplace Safe

If you realize that the place you are working in is an accident waiting to happen, then calmly ask your boss or your human resource department to do something about it. Your boss and the company will surely appreciate the fact that you care.

Following the tips above will minimize the chance of getting injured in the office due to an accident. Remember to always be aware of your surroundings and avoid doing things in a hurry. In case you get involved in a workplace accident in San Diego, you can call consult the lawyers from San Diego Accident Law Center.

Claim Workplace Injury Compensation Successfully

Work accident is one of the most common types of accident in America.  This is because an average working American spends most of his or her days at work. Most of the time, work accidents are not the victim’s fault, but are a result of someone else’s negligence. Work accident compensation ensures that if you have been injured while in your workplace or while working, you will be compensated for the medical expenses as well as for the days when you can’t work because of the injury.  However, getting work accident compensation is not very easy because you have to prove that the accident is not caused by your own negligence. This is where accident lawyers can certainly help.

Here are some tips from accident attorneys on how to get a better chance of being compensated:

Get a competent and reliable accident attorney

One of the keys to make a successful claim for work-related injuries is by hiring a good accident attorney, preferably a lawyer who is experienced and with a good track record of accomplishment.  The workers compensation law is different in each state and is quite complicated.  Having a reliable accident lawyer to help you sift through the mess is the first big step.

Find any possible witness to the accident

It’s hard to prove that you did not cause your own injury if you don’t have any proof or witnesses to back up your claim.  You should try to find out if one of your officemates saw the accident and get them to witness for you. A witness testimony helps a lot especially on complicated cases when the other party also claims and has some good arguments why he or she doesn’t need to compensate for your injuries. This is also one reason why you should try to be friendly with your officemates.

Always make sure to photograph the scene

You can help your accident lawyer in your injury claim case by taking a picture of the area where you met the accident. Photographs are strong proof to support your side. If you think you got injured right after the accident, you should take a photo of your injuries too for further proof. In the age where almost all mobile devices have cameras, it is easier more than ever to get proof of your accident and claim for compensation. Document everything that led to the accident.

Don’t delay in claiming for compensation

After you meet an accident at work, check yourself right away for any injury. Sometimes pain doesn’t set in until many hours later. If the accident includes dangerous parts of the body like if a box full of paper document falls on your head, go to a hospital and be evaluated by the doctor. You should do this so that you can file for work injury compensation as soon as possible. Remember, the longer you wait, the harder it is to get compensated.

If you get injured because of a work-related accident, always follow the tips mentioned in this article. Talk to a work accident lawyer as soon as possible to be able to successfully claim your workplace injury compensation.

Liability for Injuries in Bicycle Accident Claims

Bicycles may be the safest modes of transportation on the planet, but they are not exempt from accidents.  Every year, hundreds of bike-related accidents happen in the US and it can be caused either by the driver of the other vehicle or the cyclist himself. If you love biking, you should have at least an idea when you are liable for an accident and when you are not so that you will know when you should call for an accident lawyer.

Cyclist Negligence

Even though the bicycle is not a very fast mode of transportation, bicycle drivers are still expected to follow the rules of the street. The failure of the cyclist to follow the rules on the street is considered negligence and could make or break the case for a cyclist if he sues a driver of another vehicle for his injuries after an accident with such vehicle. If a negligent cyclist gets injured because of the accident he caused, he may not be compensated for his medical bills or damage to his property.

A cyclist can also be held liable if his negligence caused another person to get injured. For example, if a cyclist beats the red light and causes an incoming car to swerve and hit a pedestrian, the bicycle driver has to pay for the injuries of the injured pedestrian because in this case, he is the negligent party.

Driver Recklessness or Negligence

Driver negligence refers to drivers of automobiles who do not follow the street laws and cause accidents to somebody else. In case of accidents that involve bicycles, the negligent driver who hits or was hit by a bicycle could be liable for the entire accident. If the driver has been cited a violation ticket that day prior to the accident, that ticket could be used as evidence against him.

Clear negligence of a driver comes in many forms, for example if they drive on designated bike lanes to avoid traffic, or run the red light.  These things could easily win the case for the bicycle rider especially if the bicycle driver has photographic or video proof of the aftermath.

The Importance of Having an Accident Lawyer

If a bicycle is suing a car owner or is being sued because of an accident it was involved in, it is important to have a reliable accident lawyer to help them win the case. The law of the land is not always straightforward. They sometimes meander around so that it’s difficult for regular citizens sometimes to get their heads on them. Accident lawyers can help you get compensated for your injuries caused by an accident. Conversely, they can also help you lessen the liability if you are the responsible party of an accident. Many lawyers provide free consultation services that are helpful when you don’t have lots of money.

Accidents happen, no matter how careful you are, even if you are riding a very safe mode of transportation like a bicycle. If you know whether you are liable or not for the accident, you will be helping your accident lawyer win your case.

Liability for Rear End Accidents and Left Turn Accidents

Car accidents are very common nowadays specially on the congested streets of American cities.  Being involved in a car accident and getting the fright of your life are already bad enough, but if it turns out you are the liable party, then you have a bigger problem.  People who the law deems as the cause of car accidents may end up being fined with big amount of money or imprisoned depending on the gravity of their offense.  Knowing whether you are liable in a car accident helps you and your accident lawyer prepare for the legal consequences. Here are some pointers that will help you determine whether you are liable for an auto accident:

  1. If you know you broke traffic safety rules, you are liable

Sometimes people don’t take traffic laws seriously. They know it’s illegal to text while driving, yet they do.  They know they could put other people’s lives in danger if they run the red light, yet they do. There is a dangerous concept that people have in their heads that if there are no cops around, it’s okay to break the law. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. If you met an accident because you did not follow the traffic rules, it will be your fault and you will be held liable.

  1. Rear end accidents

The most common type of car accident that people encounter is rear end collisions. If it is your car that’s hit from behind, you are usually not liable. Even if you suddenly stop because the car in front of you stopped, the person who rear-ended your car is still liable for the accident. This is because the law states that they should maintain a distance from the car in front of them. If they rear-ended you, it could mean they didn’t maintain a good distance or they were driving too fast.

However, if your negligence contributed to the accident, like if you forgot to warn the person behind you that you are going to stop, then you will have some liability. It is best to talk to your accident lawyer concerning this issue.

  1. Left-Turn Collisions 

Another common accident and a more dangerous one is the left-turn collision. Concerning this type of accident, the driver doing the left turn is generally at fault because the right of way belongs to the cars running straight into the intersection. This is why it is important to make sure it is safe before making a left turn. However, if the driver going straight into the intersection broke the law by over speeding or beating the red light, all the liability may be transferred to that person. Reliable accident lawyers are generally able to determine if the cause of the left turn collision is you or the other driver. Make sure you have an accident lawyer you can contact easily in cases of accidents.

If you are involved in a left turn collision or rear end collision, which you think is your fault, immediately contact your accident lawyer so he can act right away and  find a solution to reduce the amount you have to pay. If you are the victim, make sure you photograph or video the proof that you are not at fault so your accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Five Things Your Accident Lawyer Would Want to Know After a Car Accident

Accidents can happen to anyone. Sometimes you are the responsible party, sometimes you are the victim. Either way, you need a lawyer because if you were the victim, it would be your right to be compensated for any bodily injury you attain or the hassle you experienced.  On the other hand, if you are the person who caused the accident, then expect to be sued.  However, there are things your lawyer would want you to tell them in order fully help you.

The whole truth about the accident

Don’t lie to your lawyer! Sometimes clients will lie or exaggerate their injuries in order to make themselves look less guilty. Your accident lawyer will not appreciate being lied to, because they know it’s extremely difficult to defend a lie while the truth is easily verifiable.  Tell your lawyer everything—how the accident happened, when it happened, and why it happened.

That you called them right away

Many people who are involved in car accidents will put off calling their accident lawyer until they are sued or if they discovered later on they have sustained an injury and they didn’t notice it.  This is wrong.  If you are involved in an accident, you should call your lawyer right away. That way the lawyer can tell you what to do to keep you from doing things that will affect your case if you decide to sue or if you get sued.

That you have consulted a doctor after the accident

Sometimes when you get into a vehicular accident, you may not notice that you have been injured until a few days later when the symptoms start appearing. Once you notice the symptoms and decide to sue, it will be difficult to prove that your injury is caused by the accident because a lot could happen in a day and there may be other causes to your injury. If you go to the doctor immediately after the accident, the doctor will see if you are injured or not and there will be no doubts what caused the injury. This will make the case easier to win.

That you have taken videos or photos of the accident scene

Accident lawyers will be very happy if their clients have photographs of the accident site because it will make their job of winning your case much easier.  Taking pictures of the accident scene is very easy nowadays because most phones now have cameras. Courts will always consider video and photographic proofs as solid evidence, so if you are in an accident, try to take photographs or videos and send them to your lawyer. Installing a dashcam on your vehicle is also a good idea.

If a person is involved in a car accident he or she must not think twice about calling accident lawyers either to help them get compensated for injuries and damages or protect them from being penalized. However, lawyers need their client’s help, too.  Do your part and help your lawyers protect you by following the tips above.