Medical Malpractice Accidents and Surgical Errors: A Few Things to Know and How Can a Lawyer Help You

When our health and welfare are at risk, our future pretty much depends on prompt, high-quality medical services ensured by trained professionals. Unfortunately, medical errors cannot be considered isolated incidents. Alarmingly high numbers revealed by recent studies on medical malpractice threaten our peace of mind, indicating that no less than 195,000 people lose their lives on an annual basis as a result of an incorrect medical intervention all across the U.S. Moreover, the same statistics highlight the fact that up to 19,000 malpractice cases are instrumented annually on American territory, triggering an astonishing 324 million dollars in hospital costs and supplementary expenses generated by major medical errors. In this context, it goes without saying that the victims of medical malpractice require expert guidance and flawless legal representation provided by a skilled accident attorney.

How and when to file a medical malpractice claim

If your life has been irreparably impacted by a medical error committed by a nurse, a doctor, or any other type of medical staff member, you should find a way to obtain the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. Most victims know very little or nothing at all about the process that will inevitably become a lengthy battle in court. This is one of the reasons why they should count on a competent accident lawyer who has the expertise and the skills required to obtain the largest settlements in a case of medical malpractice. There are numerous medical errors that could put your life, safety, health, and well-being on the line. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Anesthesia administration errors
  2. Starting a medical intervention without obtaining consent
  3. Failure to diagnose a certain medical problem
  4. Failure to treat a particular health problem in a correct, timely manner
  5. Surgical errors
  6. Medical prescription errors
  7. Medical negligence in the emergency room resulting in additional health risks and complications

How can an accident attorney help me obtain the maximum compensation?

You can save time, money, and energy by simply contacting an accident attorney who will analyze the particularities of your case, enabling you to

  1. Determine who is responsible for your injuries
  2. File a complaint against the doctors, nurses, or other medical staff members involved in your care
  3. Get ready for your hearing (prepare all witnesses, handle all paperwork, conduct extensive research, help you comply with courtroom internal regulations, and so on)

All in all, an experienced accident lawyer will know how to make the most of compelling evidence to support your case in court, allowing you to obtain a more than satisfactory settlement. It is important to know that all information shared with your attorney will remain confidential. Moreover, one could easily find a law firm specialized in solving medical malpractice cases that embraces a “no-win, no-fee” (contingent fee) system, meaning that the accident lawyers will charge a fee for their services only after a successful lawsuit.



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