Do’s and Don’ts after an Auto Accident: Follow Your Lawyers’ Advice

Have you been the victim of a traffic accident? Although many people believe they are as prepared as can be in such cases, an auto accident happens out of the blue and the complications it can bring with it are countless. This is why you will need the help of a specialized attorney, no matter how bad your injury or how severe the material damage that you have suffered.

Below are a few dos and don’ts that every driver should be aware of:

Do Not admit fault in front of anyone.

Usually statements made at the scene of the accident can be used as hard evidence against you in a trial. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cooperating with the police investigation but just limit yourself to giving your insurance and licence information, without emotionally admitting to any guilt.

Do Not sign any documents for the other driver

At some point during the initial investigation, the other driver involved in the incident may ask you to sign some documents for his insurance company. Do not do this without first seeking advice from a specialized accidents attorney. By signing any such papers, you can lose some of your own insurance benefits.

Do Not give a written statement or a recorded one to the other driver

Actually, do not let anyone record your voice after a traffic incident. You are not required by law to do so and even if you do not have anything to hide, some of your statements can be used against you by being taken out of the context.

Do report the accident to your insurance agency

In some cases, an insurance company has the right to refuse to protect you, if you did not report the incident promptly to them. By instantly calling your agent, you can also find out what benefits are available under your own policy. You may not be aware of this, but sometimes some of these insurance benefits can be used while you settle your claim with the other party.  Also, entire cooperation with your insurance company will be in your best interest. Generally, an agent will inspect your car or speak to the physician who treated you.

Do seek prompt medical attention

If you have been injured following a traffic accident and you do not seek medical attention, this can definitely hurt your claim. Make sure to document any medical bills and any time you have spent off work.

 Do seek early legal advice

This is probably the most valuable piece of advice anyone would give you after being involved in an auto accident. Only with the help of a specialized attorney you will be able to get through this challenging incident without too many damages. So contact your local accidents attorney immediately after the accident and make sure you inform them on all specific details.

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