Auto Accidents Involving Mopeds: A Few Useful Tips

If you or someone in your family has been involved in an auto accident involving a moped or scooter, there are some things to keep in mind. The below accidents attorney tips will help.

How do moped accidents happen?

It is true, a scooter or moped may be a very simple, cost- effective and rather efficient way of getting around, many families in urban areas use them. However, on the road, mopeds can be very difficult to see, especially under difficult weather conditions or where the driver is distracted. Another thing that doesn’t really help is that mopeds, unlike motorcycles, are very quiet and will not be heard coming. If a driver is completely unaware that a scooter or moped is occupying the space they wish to be in, it could result in a serious auto incident. Also, it is safe to assume the person suffering most injuries will be the moped driver.

So, to sum this up, a few common causes for scooter incidents include:

1-      Failure of drivers to see the moped on the road

2-      Distance or speed have been misjudged

3-      Bad weather

4-      Distracted drivers on the road

5-      Excessive speeding

A lot of moped accidents tend to be serious due to the unprotected and exposed nature of the rider. Even if the scooter or moped rider follows the letter of the law to the tee, wears a helmet, signals appropriately and adorns their moped or scooter with the appropriate lights and reflectors, it still doesn’t guarantee they won’t be involved in a scooter accident or moped accident.

How are damages calculated?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a scooter or moped accident involving another vehicle, they may be entitled to recovery for damages and injuries. To see if you have a good case in a scooter accident, contact an experienced auto accident lawyer who is familiar with scooter accidents and injuries.

What are the steps you need to take if you have been involve in a moped incident?

As any expert accidents attorney will tell you, the first step is seek medical attention for your or the other person’s injuries. Don’t let any time lapse between the accident and the medical treatment, as that is very important for legal purposes.

Make sure not to disclose any information to the insurance company other than to mention that there has been an accident. Do not mention any circumstances or don’t even think of making assumption as to who is at fault.

Contact a qualified lawyer ASAP. Preferably someone with experience in dealing with auto accidents.  They will help you handle the confusion and overwhelming amount of legwork involved in a scooter accident case, and if there is compensation available to you, they should be able to spot it and obtain it for you.

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