Accidents Attorney Notes on Slip and Fall Incidents in a Shop or Business Building

There are many accidents that can cause a serious personal injury issue, but one of the least talked about is typically a slip and fall accident in a store or business. Naturally, if you become the victim of such an incident, you would want to know if you have a potential claim or lawsuit. There are many legal factors involved in such a lawsuit and an accidents attorney will be able to help you with these. Below you can find a few tips and facts you need to know about such accidents.

Naturally, if a slip and fall accident occurs inside a business building, you would say the business is liable for a personal injury issue, right? Well, this may not always be the case. The business owner is actually liable to pay any form of compensation if negligence was involved and that negligence involved his or his employees negligence. So, if you slip and fall inside a shop, don’t believe you are in for compensation simply because you fell and that anyone will be found negligent. You have to be able to prove that an unsafe condition was created in that business or shop. Further, an accidents lawyer will have to be able to prove that either the business manager of his employees were aware of that unsafe condition being created in their building.

Who can you sue in a slip and fall incident?

The answer usually depends on the nature of the claimed negligence. If this occurred on a property that the business owner actually owns, he is the person who is liable. But if this occurred on a leased space, you might have a real claim against the property owner or landlord.

There are some aspects involved here that you need to be aware of:

1)      If the accident was caused by a structural issue with your building, you have a true claim against the property owner. Typical structural issues would involve a water leak or other defective structure in the building.

2)      If the accident turns out to be a direct consequence of something the store manager did or failed to do, you would actually have a claim against them. As an example: a newly waxed floor that has caused you to slip and fall while shopping in their store. The store owner is especially liable if they did not take any measures to warn you of the danger- by placing warning signs or safety cones.

There are many aspects that can come into play, if you are looking to win a slip and fall case. The most important thing to remember is that there actually must be negligence involved in order for your accidents attorney to be able to win a slip and fall case.


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