Accidents Attorney Advice on Negligent Supervision and Incidents Involving Children

Accidents happen in all walks of life and sometimes some of these incidents involve your children. Below you can find a few useful tips about incidents involving kids, especially about negligent supervision cases, provided by our reliable accidents attorneys.

Was your child injured at school? Sadly, this is a quite common situation. As a parent, you are left wondering: who is actually liable from a legal point of view? Does it matter if your child is attending a public or private school and will this information help in case of a lawsuit? What happens in the case of an accident on the playground? There are so many questions you need to find answers to and in most cases, a seasoned accidents attorney will be able to help.

When your child goes out of the door every day, they will face a wide range of different situations, experiences that are all potentially harmful. Everything can cause an incident, new school ground activities, school trips or even normal encounters with other children. As a parent you know how schools or day care centers are under legal obligation to keep your child safe. But in case something bad happens, you really should have all the information you need to make a good case in court.

Adequate supervision is one legal term that has to be introduced here. A reputable accidents attorney will tell you that there is no hard rule about how much supervision an educator or school representative should exercise. While this is a fluid concept, there are some factors that will determine fault in case of school negligence:

–          The age of the children involved in an activity

If a kindergarten kid is allowed the use of scissors or other dangerous tools during an activity, the fault is the supervisor’s

–          The experience level of the children

A primary school kid who is allowed to play on a sports ground will not require the same level of supervision as an older student who has been doing this for months

–          The nature of that particular activity

A group of children playing or reading indoors will not require the same supervision level as they would during a dodge ball outside training session

–          Outside factors that fall outside the control of a supervisor

While a classroom is a controlled environment and supervision is easier, a playground or field trip area might be more difficult to handle by one single supervisor.

Before you contact your accidents attorney, also keep in mind these things:

Educational institutions, from schools to day care facilities are generally under legal obligation to protect your child from:

–          any kind of harm being caused by fellow students (physical assault and bullying are the most common incidents)

–          any form of harmful behavior from adults, such as abduction or sexual abuse.

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