Compensation for Slip and Fall Injury in Others’ Property

You may think that a slip and fall accident may seem minor, but most of the time this type of accidents can cause more severe injury than those attained in a vehicular accident. Bone fractures, breaks, and torn ligaments are just a few examples of the serious bodily damage caused by falling. This is especially bad for senior citizens because if they attain a hip injury, it is difficult to heal and repair without surgery. Slips and falls happen mostly inside homes or business premises.

The responsibility of property owners

One of the responsibilities of property owners is to keep their premises clean and safe to avoid accidents that could injure their visitors. If you have been injured in a slip or fall in another person’s property because of their irresponsibility, it is possible to be compensated for the full amount you have spent in the hospital, the medicines and the treatments, and are compensated for the income you lost because of the said injury.

What to do when you slip and fall in a property

If you have sustained injury in a fall at someone else’s property, you should contact an accident lawyer and get legal advice. Often, the property owner will try to remove the evidence of their fault by repairing the poor conditions of their property or do other stuff to conceal the evidence of their negligence or wrongdoing.

In order to win your case, your attorney should prove that there was negligence on the part of the owner of the property. That is why your accident lawyer should show enough proof that the poor condition of the property caused your injury. That’s where you can help by taking photos of the reason for the accident or see if there are people around you know that you can call as a witness. This is because more often than not, property owners will always try to protect themselves instead of being responsible for your suffering.

What to do if you don’t have an accident lawyer

Lawyers often have their own expertise. Some are focused for example on immigration while others focus on other legal aspects.  Accident lawyers are your best choice when it comes to being compensated for injuries caused by other people’s negligence. The internet is a good place to find accident lawyers who may provide free consultation.

Accidents happen anytime and anywhere when we least expect it.  If you are injured in a grocery store or a gym because of someone else’s fault, it is your right to be compensated for the injury, but you have to act fast. Get legal help from an accident lawyer that you can trust without delay.

Cinco Cosas Que Le Gustaría Saber a Su Abogado de Accidentes Después de un Accidente de Tráfico

Un accidente le puede pasar a cualquiera. A veces usted será la parte responsable, otras será la víctima. Sea como sea, necesitará un abogado porque si fuese la víctima, usted estaría en el derecho de ser compensado por cualquier lesión corporal que tenga o por las molestias que experimente. Por otro lado, si usted es la persona que causó el accidente, anticipe que le van a denunciar. Sin embargo, hay cosas que su abogado necesitaría saber para ayudarle completamente.

Toda la verdad sobre el accidente

¡No le mienta a su abogado! A veces los clientes mienten o exageran sus lesiones para parecer menos culpables. Su abogado de accidentes no aceptará que le mienta, porque sabe que es extremadamente difícil defender una mentira mientras que la verdad se verifica de manera sencilla. Cuéntele todo a su abogado: cómo ocurrió el accidente, dónde ocurrió y por qué ocurrió.

Que le llame enseguida

Mucha gente que se ve involucrada en accidentes retrasa llamar a sus abogados hasta que les denuncian o si descubren más adelante que tienen una lesión y no se habían dado cuenta. Esto no está bien. Si usted se ve involucrado en un accidente, debería llamar a su abogado enseguida. Así su abogado podrá decirle qué hacer para evitar que usted haga cosas que afecten a su caso si decide denunciar o si es denunciado.

Que ha consultado un médico después del accidente

A veces cuando se tiene un accidente de tráfico, puede que no se de cuenta de que ha resultado herido hasta que los síntomas comiencen a aparecer unos días más tarde. Cuando se dé cuenta de los síntomas y decida denunciar, puede que sea difícil demostrar que su lesión fue causada por el accidente, porque pueden pasar muchas cosas en un día y puede haber otras causas para su lesión. Si va al médico inmediatamente después del accidente, éste verá si ha resultado herido o no, y no habrá dudas sobre qué causó la lesión. Esto hará que el caso sea más sencillo de ganar.

Que toma vídeos o fotografías de la escena del accidente

Los abogados de accidentes agradecen mucho si sus clientes tienen fotografías del lugar del accidente, ya que hacen que el ganar su caso sea más sencillo. Tomar fotografías de la escena del accidente es muy fácil hoy en día porque la mayoría de teléfonos tienen cámaras. El tribunal siempre considerará las pruebas fotográficas y de video como pruebas sólidas, así que si tiene un accidente, intente sacar fotografías o vídeos y envíelas a su abogado. Instalar una cámara en el salpicadero del vehículo también es una buena idea.

Si una persona se ve involucrada en un accidente de coche, no deberá pensarse dos veces llamar a un abogado de accidentes, ya sea para ayudarles a conseguir la compensación por lesiones o protegerles de resultar penalizados. Sin embargo, los abogados también necesitan la ayuda de los clientes. Haga su parte y ayude a su abogado a protegerle siguiendo los consejos de arriba.


Five Things Your Accident Lawyer Would Want to Know After a Car Accident

Accidents can happen to anyone. Sometimes you are the responsible party, sometimes you are the victim. Either way, you need a lawyer because if you were the victim, it would be your right to be compensated for any bodily injury you attain or the hassle you experienced.  On the other hand, if you are the person who caused the accident, then expect to be sued.  However, there are things your lawyer would want you to tell them in order fully help you.

The whole truth about the accident

Don’t lie to your lawyer! Sometimes clients will lie or exaggerate their injuries in order to make themselves look less guilty. Your accident lawyer will not appreciate being lied to, because they know it’s extremely difficult to defend a lie while the truth is easily verifiable.  Tell your lawyer everything—how the accident happened, when it happened, and why it happened.

That you called them right away

Many people who are involved in car accidents will put off calling their accident lawyer until they are sued or if they discovered later on they have sustained an injury and they didn’t notice it.  This is wrong.  If you are involved in an accident, you should call your lawyer right away. That way the lawyer can tell you what to do to keep you from doing things that will affect your case if you decide to sue or if you get sued.

That you have consulted a doctor after the accident

Sometimes when you get into a vehicular accident, you may not notice that you have been injured until a few days later when the symptoms start appearing. Once you notice the symptoms and decide to sue, it will be difficult to prove that your injury is caused by the accident because a lot could happen in a day and there may be other causes to your injury. If you go to the doctor immediately after the accident, the doctor will see if you are injured or not and there will be no doubts what caused the injury. This will make the case easier to win.

That you have taken videos or photos of the accident scene

Accident lawyers will be very happy if their clients have photographs of the accident site because it will make their job of winning your case much easier.  Taking pictures of the accident scene is very easy nowadays because most phones now have cameras. Courts will always consider video and photographic proofs as solid evidence, so if you are in an accident, try to take photographs or videos and send them to your lawyer. Installing a dashcam on your vehicle is also a good idea.

If a person is involved in a car accident he or she must not think twice about calling accident lawyers either to help them get compensated for injuries and damages or protect them from being penalized. However, lawyers need their client’s help, too.  Do your part and help your lawyers protect you by following the tips above.

Accidents in the Workplace: Some Frequently Asked Questions

Accidents are one of the harsh realities in life. It happens anywhere at any time no matter how careful you are. Sometimes, you are solely to blame for your accident, but most of the time, other people’s carelessness is the cause for injuries, especially at the workplace. This is why most workplace accidents are covered under the workers’ compensation law, which means that the company will pay for the medical bills and if you are not able to work because of the injury, you will be entitled to receive payment.

If you get injured inside the office due to someone else’s fault or negligence, then you are also eligible. However, there are certain situations where it is not clear whether it remains the responsibility of the employers. It is always a good idea to contact a lawyer if you are a victim of a workplace accident.  Here’s a simple checklist to see if you are eligible.

Lunch break accidents

So many things can happen at lunch break, like if you dump a very hot coffee on yourself that results in 3rd degree burns or if the cafeteria chair suddenly broke and you fell backward injuring your spine—the possibilities are endless.  If this happens to you, will you be eligible for workers’ compensation?  The answer to that question depends on several factors. First, if you were taking your lunch in a company- owned restaurant inside the premises of the company, your lawyer may be able to get you the workers’ compensation that you deserve.

Injuries received during company events

Company sponsored events like team-building, seminars, or field work are like extensions of your work. You are there because you are an employee,  so, accidents that may happen to you while attending these events makes you eligible for workers’ compensation, unless you injure yourself on purpose because that would no longer be an accident.

A preexisting condition made worse because of work

Preexistent conditions are tricky because insurance companies usually deny claims if they are because of preexistent conditions. However, if your  condition is made worse because of  tasks that are not within your job description, like for instance if your work is  encoding documents but you are told to get a box in the storage room  and your backache worsens, then you are eligible for a workers’ compensation.

Injuries suffered while commuting to work

San Diego is a busy city and accidents happen a lot on the streets. Unfortunately, auto accidents happening while commuting to and from work are not covered by workers’ compensation, unless if you are on an official office duty. Another exception would be if you are in a company car and drunk driving when you meet an auto accident.

Injuries received while horsing around

Office workers sometimes horse around and this can lead to accidents. Fortunately, workers’ compensation protects even those workers who get into an accident because they are horsing around as long as it’s during office hours and within the office premises, because the law protects workers regardless of fault.  Of course, your boss may not be very happy about it and you may lose your job if this happens to you.

Workers’ compensation is a tricky subject too steeped in technicality and legality.  It is important therefore to contact reliable accident lawyers to help you with your claim.