Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

slip and fall accident lawyer
Although each case is different, most slip and fall accidents are under the category of “premise liabilities” which is basically a case of a person getting injured due to an accident while on someone’s property. A slip and fall accident may include falling objects, tripping, or collapsed footing. If you have had a slip and fall injury, our attorneys can help you get financial compensation for injuries regardless of where it happened.

Who is at Fault?

When you are at someone’s property and you get injured, who is at fault? Who is the responsible party? In fact, the person who owns the property is the responsible party. If there is an unsafe situation, the property owner must provide sufficient warning to visitors so that injuries and accidents are prevented. Even if the property owner has taken some measures to warn you of the potential dangers, he or she may still be liable for the injuries acquired due to unsafe conditions on the property.

For example, if a grocery store has a spill on their aisle and a shopper slips and falls on the spill, the store owner is responsible for the injuries that may have occurred. The store owner (and the employees) are responsible for cleaning up the spill so that people do not get injured while in the store. Our personal injury attorney will investigate to see if appropriate measures were in place to prevent injury, or if action was taken to control the situation and avoid injury to patrons. We may be able to retrieve video recordings, photographs, or find witnesses to the incident. If the store did not make efforts to protect shoppers and did not provide sufficient warning to circumvent injuries, our attorneys can help you file lawsuit and seek compensation due to their negligence.

Slip and Fall Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers

Most slip and fall accident claims are against companies and very few are against individuals. Our firm is experienced with slip and fall accidents and can help you negotiate with insurance adjusters and company attorneys. Don’t try to go at it alone. Sometimes companies will provide you with compensation but unbeknownst to you, it could be minimal compensation. With an experienced attorney working for you, you can seek compensation for immediate, short-term compensation, and for long-term emotional and financial distress. Physical injuries due to slip and fall accidents can lead to medical bills and loss of wages due to time needed for recovery.

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